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LocalBlox Announces Connect Local Ad Using Geo-Targeting Technology for Conducting Commerce in the New Economy

April 9, 2012

TweetSeattle, WA – April 8, 2012 – Technological advances have changed the way consumers and businesses interact and conducting commerce in the new economy requires companies to use every tool at their disposal. That technology can be expensive, but LocalBlox now offers small businesses affordable SoLoMo Connect Local Ad solutions to assist businesses in reaching [...]

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Top Realtors Connect in Local Neighborhoods at LocalBlox

April 10, 2012

TweetTop realtors are recognized for their help in building neighborhood communities and making a positive impact on their neighborhoods at LocalBlox. Top Realtors are rewarded with many new leads from potential home buyers and sellers who visit the neighborhood site localblox before buying or moving into a new home. LocalBlox helps realtors build long term [...]

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LocalBlox Debuts Precise Targeting for Smart Advertising

June 21, 2016

TweetFrom its inception as a neighborhood communication hub to its evolution into the metadata arena, LocalBlox has been providing effective, affordable and scalable data to clients that require specialized services. LocalBlox is offering Precise Targeting for Smart Advertising. Information is the fuel that drives today’s innovative marketing engines to advertise, generate sales and obtain critical [...]

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Borrell Associates President, Colby Atwood, Joins LocalBlox Advisory Board

February 28, 2015

TweetSeattle, WA – Feb. 26, 2015 – LocalBlox founder and CEO, Sabira Arefin, announced that Colby Atwood, the Pesident of Borrell Associates, has joined the LocalBlox advisory board. Borrell Associates is a leading research organization with a network of over 1,400 local media companies. Atwood will present LocalBlox at the Buzz Session during the prestigious [...]

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Data Science vs Data Aggregation

May 8, 2014

TweetAt LocalBlox, we commonly get asked the question of, “Aren’t you just scraping third party sites to create your base listings? If so, how do you prevent the negative feedback loop of bad data merely being re-propagated back into the publisher echo-system, merely just creating a negative feedback loop of ‘bad data’?” Let’s use the [...]

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Change is Coming to LocalBlox in 2014

January 17, 2014

TweetHappy New Year to all! There are big changes coming to LocalBlox. We’ve gone through many changes in the past year – an evolution from a neighborhood Facebook site to the Kayak of neighborhoods. We will be focusing on our key strengths in the coming year – big data and technology – and pursuing our [...]

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LocalBlox Announces Charles Dyer as Interim CEO

September 27, 2013

TweetSeattle, WA – Sept. 27, 2013 – LocalBlox founder Sabira Arefin, announced that Charles Dyer will be stepping up as the company’s interim CEO. Dyer is a member of the LocalBlox advisory board, joining the firm earlier this year. He was a Director for the Bing Mobile, Local and Commerce Advertising team, and has extensive [...]

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