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LocalBlox Provides the Virtual Venue to Build Neighborhoods

March 16, 2012

TweetSeattle WA –March 14, 2012 – Remember when everyone knew their neighbors? If someone needed a helping hand, neighbors quickly came to the rescue to shovel drives, recommend a landscaper, or cook and deliver a meal. In today’s fast-paced world, people may not even know who their physical neighbors are. We use Facebook, Twitter and [...]

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LocalBlox Founder Sends the Firm’s Support and Positive Thoughts

March 16, 2012

TweetSeattle, WA – March 5, 2012 – Homes gone, businesses erased and shattered lives is the legacy left by the deadly tornadoes that swept across the southern part of the U.S. Sabira Arefin, founder and CEO of LocalBlox, wants all the people affected by the deadly twisters to remember that staying safe is of primary [...]

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LocalBlox Founder Reaffirms Company Dedication to Respect, Equality and Openness for Neighborhoods Worldwide

March 1, 2012

TweetSeattle, WA – Feb. 29, 2012 – Sabira Arefin, founder and CEO of LocalBlox, supports the success of thousands of entrepreneurs nationwide with the firm’s cutting edge technology and marketing solutions. She was invited to attend Startup Seattle Confererce on Feb. 16, 2012 and despite the strides made by women in business, the LocalBlox CEO [...]

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Happy To Be A LocalBlox Ambassador In My Town

February 29, 2012

Tweet You really should know about my hometown. The drive down main street past the beautiful antebellum homes and then on down to our quaint downtown square with it’s historical buildings and interesting antique shops warms my heart every time. I have so much to tell about my town, and now LocalBlox gives me a [...]

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LocalBlox Adds Self-serve SoLoMo Platform to Assist Small Business Compete for Customers with High-Tech Tools

February 23, 2012

TweetSeattle, WA – Feb. 22, 2012 –Integrated Social Local Mobile (SoLoMo) marketing platforms are changing the way business owners market their firms, and Sabira Arefin, founder and CEO of LocalBlox, has added a self-serve SoLoMo platform to the firm’s extensive array of business tools. The new option provides small businesses with an increased number of [...]

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It’s your neighborhood and your community, be a part of it! Get active, get recognized and get rewarded.

February 17, 2012

TweetImagine this- A peaceful suburban neighborhood, where kids joyfully play around without a worry in the world, neighbors all know one another, everyone is friendly and gets along perfectly. When you’re searching for someone to clean your house, or to landscape your yard, you can turn to your trusted neighbors for a recommendation on who [...]

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Be Local, Be Social & Go Mobile!Your Business Will Grow being SoLoMO

February 10, 2012

TweetYou’ve heard it said and it’s what you’ve read, “Mobile is the future”.   What does this mean for your business?  It means you’ve got to get onboard and take advantage of the opportunities offered by mobile technology.  But it goes beyond just ‘mobile’, it’s social – such as Facebook and Twitter, and it’s local – [...]

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Localizing Global Brands Creates Customer Loyalty

February 2, 2012

TweetLocalBlox is providing local agents, stores and employees of large corporations with the building blocks that create local, long-term relationships. Global corporations know the value of creating customer loyalty with local consumers and LocalBlox offers the technology and tools to accomplish that, all in a single Local, Social & mobile platform The firm provides a [...]

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LocalBlox is Building Blocks!

January 27, 2012

Tweet LocalBlox is a neighborhood social media networking platform building strong communities by connecting neighbors based on core human values — love, help, appreciation, and recognition! LocalBlox is bringing old school communities back by bridging them to today’s social networking and mobile era.  LocalBlox helps small businesses connect to their local neighborhoods and clients and build [...]

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LocalBlox Announces Corporate Solutions to Connect, Monitor, and Protect Brands at Hyper Local Neighborhood Social Media and Mobile Platform

January 26, 2012

TweetConsumers, in this era of social media, have more power than ever before to affect change, and companies that forget that, do so at their own risk. LocalBlox is helping global companies build brands and reputations within local markets for the benefit of all concerned. “Consumers are more powerful in today’s Facebook and Twitter era [...]

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